Created Skyline West Palm Beach, 
a weekly newspaper, nine years after publishing Skyline Magazine.
Palm Beach's first city magazine - named after the beautiful skyline of downtown West Palm Beach. This was the first city magazine for the area and was patterned after city magazines in Philadelphia, Chicago and LA. It featured the people, places and things of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and the entire county. 
About Ron Johnson
Founded Ron Johnson, Inc., advertising, marketing, public relations and publishing at the age of 23 in Palm Beach.

The firm received "Advertising Agency of the Year" for four consecutive years in the late 70s and early 80s.

The firm created, produced and placed more than $100 million in advertising over 20 years and received more than 125 national, regional and local awards for creative advertising excellence including "Best Insert in U.S. Newspapers" in 2002 for The Brown Wrapper (see below).
Created The Big First Sunday Brown Wrapper. The publication appeared every Sunday in the Palm Beach Post & Evening Times for 10 years.

The publication featured the rich and provocative history of Palm Beach and Palm Beach County and was unique in the U.S. The publication, even though a paid insert, became one of the most read parts of the Sunday Palm Beach Post and was the subject of a ballet.

Copies of the publication are located in all libraries in Palm Beach County and at the Historical Society's museum in downtown West Palm Beach.
Winning! Magazine - The positive side of life in business - featured not the numbers but the way business leaders got to be where they are. The premiere cover featured Ronald Tee Johnson, Jr.. Ron Tee is now 27 and an employee of an internet server company.
Moved to Banner Elk, NC and founded The Banner, a weekly newspaper. Sold in 1991. Moved back to the Palm Beach area.
Created The Daily Fax, a computer driven fax that reached 5,000 offices daily. It was the first consumer daily fax in America. 
Created Palm Beach Today North, a weekly newspaper in the Northern Palm Beaches.
Created Palm Beach Today, a weekly society newspaper in Palm Beach. Uniquely the publication - a broadsheet -  was printed on heavy glossy stock and was known as "Shinier Than Shiny."
Created Palm Beach Today Magazine
This is one of my favorite covers in that it features Don Shula who coached the Dolphins to a perfect record that still stands.
Created Palm Beach Today Video Magazine Online
May, 2010
Moved to The High Country - 25-years later. 
April, 2012
Created Banner Elk Magazine Online
Published Monday through Friday

2015 800+ Issues
Banner Elk Magazine continues to be published 
Monday through Friday with special weekend 
and event issues.

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The Come Visit & Stay Forever slogan created by Ron Johnson October 13, 2012 has been donated to the Banner Elk Chamber of Commerce 
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Ad Agency of the Year
Four consecutive years
As a senior of the Class of '61 at Bellevue High School (a suburb of Seattle, WA)  our arch-rival was Bothell and the guy I am tied up with was their star. 

One of my biggest regrets in life is that back in those days there was no three-point line and long shots were my specialty. I was also editor and sports editor of the school newspaper which began my career in journalism. 

At the age of 23 I began my own publishing and marketing firm in Palm Beach. Now, my 49th year.

Cell: 828-260-5112

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The best award I have ever received - from Feeding Avery Families.

It is a passion of mine to promote contributions to Feeding Avery Families, Inc. 

Yes, we are in the middle of Appalachia and there are more than 1,500 people in Avery County who have to make the choice of buying food or paying the electric bill.
Sugar II at 12-weeks. I had a Golden 25 years ago and someone stole him so here is the love of my life now with me.