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Monday, October 20
Fabulous Woolly
Worm Festival

Friday, October 17
Welcome to
Woolly Worm Nation!

Thursday, October 16
Lees-McRae College enrollment up! Read the story.

October 15
Receive a $1 for every
Woolly Worm you find!

Tuesday, October 14
What a music line up for Woolly Worm!

Monday, October 13
Short sleeve weather for Woolly Worm?

Friday, October 10
Do you know how to
Yodel Lay He Ho?

Thursday, October 9
Is the pot of gold
on Dobbins Road?

October 8
Why are Woolly Worm Warriors wanted in
Banner Elk?

Tuesday, October 7
Amazing! The colors
of Grandfather Mountain

Monday, October 6
79-degrees possible
for Woolly Worm?

Friday, October 3
Welcome Home
Lees-McRae Alumni

Thursday, October 2
October magic begins!

October 1
Got worm?
1,200 critters needed!

September 30
RSVP for luncheon
on Tate Lawn

Monday, September 29
Laura & Feild are married!

Friday, September 26
Have you seen the new
part of Tate-Evans Park?

Sepember 25
Blazing Amazing!

Wednesday, September 24
Who owns the Voodoo
Harley outside BE Cafe?

September 23
Why is Mayor Lyerly
smiling this morning?

September 22
The Heart of Banner Elk. Public hearing. Tonight. 6pm

September 19
Have we died and
gone to heaven?

September 18
Flying over Banner Elk.
Can you see your house?

Wednesday, September 17
See Project Eliminate
video that will shock you

September 16
A Knight in Shiny Armor?

Monday, September 15
Is there such a thing as a "Marvelistic" Monday?

Friday, September 12
Will rain fall on our TGIF?

September 11
Have you see The White Hawk of Banner Elk?

Wednesday, September 10
Where is Anna?

Tuesday, September 9
$1000 reward to find
spray paint vandal

Monday, September 8
Are you ready for the 60s?

Friday, September 5
5:30pm tonight - special
town council meeting

Friday, September 5
Reader comments on what
to do with Banner Elk Schol
if town council buys it?

September 4
When does
Endless Summer end?

Wednesday, September 3
$1 million deal in the works for town to buy BE school

Tuesday, September 2
Top down all week?

Friday, August 29
Go fly and kite at 5,500 feet?

Thursday, August 28
Labor Day Weekend Weather?

Wednesday, August 27

Tuesday, August 26
Banner Elk voted best weather in America

Monday, August 25
Is this the perfect week?

Friday, August 22

Thursday, August 21
Did you see the Red Tail Hawk flying over
Banner Elk?

Wednesday, August 20
She could hear the beat of her daughter's heart

Tuesday, August 19
Cupcake, Sprinkle,
Brandy and Zeus

Monday, August 18
Judge Lyerly Honored
See the event photos

Friday, August 15
Speedo's allowed!
Today only Noon-5pm

Thursday, August 14

Wednesday, August 13
Hey, Bama Got A Second?

Tuesday, August 12
Is the Perfect Day coming tomorrow?

Monday, August 11
Who became Living
Legends yesterday?

Friday, August 8
Honoring The Robbins Family and a new name for the band shell

Thursday, August 7
Your husband called and it's okay for you to buy anything you want!

Wednesday, August 6
Hog now at Avery Animal Rescue - is it yours?

Tuesday, August 5
Look at SugarBrew beer judges following
59 samples!

Monday, August 4
Heritage Foundation
Luncheon Photos!

Friday, August 1
Does this mean we have to wait for Monday?

Thursday, July 31
Uh, oh

Wednesday, July 30
Today in Banner Elk - the most beautiful day in the history of the world?

Tuesday, July 29
Banner Elk weather today - just how cool this is?

Monday, July 28
117 photos of
the Best Pet Fest

Saturday, July 26
Special Issue
Pet Fest now goin' on
and it's fabulous!

Friday, July 25
Pet Fest begins today plus sneak peek at May School

Thursday, July 24
Things are poppin' in The One Stoplight Town

Wednesday, July 23
Who says there is
no such thing as
a free dinner?

Tuesday, July 22
Most frequently asked question by Banner Elk visitors?

Monday, July 21
Heritage Day -
A Great Day for
Banner Elk

Friday, July 18
Lauritsen dedication photos and Heritage Day tomorrow!

Thursday, July 17
Just how grand was
it it in Banner Elk
last night?

Wednesday, July 16
Gonna' need your
"Blankie" tonight?

Tuesday, July 15
Just announced!
Great new addition to
Heritage Day

Monday, July 14
Being in Banner Elk
is cool (just how cool?)

Friday, July 11
Who's Dancin' In Banner Elk?

Thursday, July 10
Mr. Woolly Worm
gets a massage

Wednesday, July 9
Wine and Sushi Today 4-8pm

Tuesday, July 8
Just how warm today?

Monday, July 7
Now on tap at Flat Rock!

Saturday, July 5
Special Issue
Wow! What a day in
The One Stoplight Town!

Friday evening
July 4th
Special Issue
A Banner Day!
435 photos from the 4th!

Friday, July 4th!
11am - Best small town
parade in America!

Thursday, July 3
2pm today! Party time and Whip Daddys at Dunn's Deli

Wednesday, July 2
Where will Whip Daddys be playing tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 1
Feelin' warmish?

Monday, June 30
Rain or shine on
Banner Elk's parade?

Friday, June 27
Where can you get
Mrs. A's Crabcakes?

Thursday, June 26
Gala and Concert tonight.
Will you be there?

Wednesday, June 25
Can you pay at Food Lion
with a $100,000 bill?

Tuesday, June 24
Weather today? BJ Thomas
wrote a song about it.

Monday, June 23
On the 4th? The Parade, Party In The Park, Pig Roast!

Friday, June 20
Tee it up for Jack Masters tomorrow!

Thursday, June 19
Annie sings tonight!

Wednesday, June 18
Unusual question: Just how
hot will it get today?

Tuesday, June 17
Annie's comin' to the mountains!

Monday, June 16
Aren't you just lovin'
these mounains?

Friday, June 13
Four big events this
weekend - The Weather?

Thursday, June 12
Your click this morning buys
a meal for a hungry child

Wednesday, June 11
Sleep for seven months
without food or water?

Tuesday, June 10
Yappie Hour Tonight!

Monday, June 9
You're going to feel
very proud about this

Friday, June 6
Did that taste good or what?

Thursday, June 5
Taste of Avery tonight!

Wednesday, June 4
Gettin' jazzy tonight
in Banner Elk?

Tuesday, June 3
Are Speedo's allowed
at Wildcat Lake?

Monday, June 2
It's all about our roots
on July 19th!

Friday, May 30
Weekend weather?
You're gonna' love it!

Thursday, May 29
What's happening in
downtown this evening?

Wednesday, May 28
The heart of a
lion this morning

Tuesday, May 27
Banner Elk says
Let It Begin!

Friday, May 23
Banner Elk honors our
Veterans - see photos
from the Life Care Center ceremonies

Thursday, May 22
You're invited at noon today

Wednesday, May 21
Meet Knox, the therapist
dog in Banner Elk

Tuesday, May 20
You're gonna' like the weather
for Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 19
Empty Bowls a
big success on Saturday

Saturday, May 17
Special Issue
Let your heart lead you
to Empty Bowls today

Friday, May 16
Where will you be
at noon tomorrow?

Thursday, May 15
Are you going to do it
Saturday or leave
it up to others?

Wednesday, May 14
What is bursting out
all over Banner Elk?

Tuesday, May 13
Just how hot will it be today?

Monday, May 12
Just how long will this
beautiful weather last?

Special Issue
Saturday, May 10
Photos today at Lees-McRae College Commencement

Friday, May 9
Where on Mother's Day?

Thursday, May 8
Weather for Mother's Day?

Wednesday, May 7
What was a Space Man doing
at the Hardin home yesterday?

Tuesday, May 6
Does your vote today really count?

Monday, May 5
Yabba Dabba Do in the One Stoplight Town!

Friday, May 2
Kiss me Kate! Okay!

Thursday, May 1
Another perfect weekend?

Wednesday, April 30
How much rain tonight?

Tuesday, April 29
Can L-M students bring
their dog to class?

Monday, April 28
See our flag made
up of 2 million flowers

Friday, April 25
A Weekend Sandwich?

Thursday, April 24
A perfect weekend
in store for us?

Wednesday, April 23
Do ya think you should
wear a hat today?

Tuesday, April 22
Bet you don't know what
today is in Banner Elk?

Monday, April 21
How long will this
beautiful weather last?

Friday, April 18
A transmission error.
First in three years. Most
folks got it on Saturday morning, however

Thursday, April 17
Cut a dozen cherry
tomatoes with one slice

Wednesday, April 16
You could have heard a
pin drop at Kiwanis yesterday

Tuesday, April 15
Go to bed before 10pm
and you'll never know

Monday, April 14
Saturday - A day like no
other in Banner Elk!

Friday, April 11

Thursday, April 10
Are we still lookin'
good for Saturday?

Wednesday, April 9
Just how perfect will Saturday
be for the big events?

Tuesday, April 8
Banner Elk average
summer temp: 74-degrees.
Charlotte, NC 89-degrees

Monday, April 7
Asparagus or quarter
pounder tonight?

Friday, April 4
Is this a great TGIF or what?

Thursday, April 3
Do not look at
Wednesday's forecast

Wednesday, April 2
Fabulous Volunteers!

Tuesday, April 1
Town Hall today 5-6
Mayor Lyerly recognition day

Monday, March 31
What blew down in 92.5 winds?

Friday, March 28
Rainy day message from
Australian Cattle dog, Mikah

Thursday, March 27
Only 83 until summer!

Wednesday, March 26
Only one more day!

Tuesday, March 25
Only one more day!

Monday, March 24
When will the snow begin?

Friday, March 21
Good news from
Cannon Memorial Hospital

Thursday, March 20
Spring today-Snow On Tuesday?

Wednesday, March 19
A comet on the Viaduct?

Tuesday, March 18
Did you want to sleep
in this morning?

Monday, March 17
Considering today
Do you believe 50 and
sunny Thursday?

Friday, March 14
Banner Elk!
Have a great TGIF day!

Thursday, March 13
Are you ready to
Spring Into The Mountains?

Wednesday, March 12
Somewhere over the rainbow

Tuesday, March 11
A Love Story

Tuesday, March 11
Today. 4:30pm-6:30pm
A Celebration of the
life of Steve Chandler

Monday, March 10
Celebration of Life
tomorrow 4:30pm-6:30pm

Friday, March 7
A celebration! Tuesday
in Banner Elk!

Thursday, March 6
The People. The Beauty. The Spirit.
More than a slogan in Banner Elk

Wednesday, March 5
Issue Two
Banner Elk mourns the loss
of Steve Chandler

Wednesday, March 5
Issue One
Banner Elk pays tribute
to Steve Chandler

Tuesday, March 4
Wishing Steve Chandler
all the best this morning

Monday, March 3
How long 'til Spring?

Friday, February 28
See who is picking up
trash in Banner Elk

Thursday, February 27
Stay away from
Run Around Sue!

Wednesday, February 26
Banner Elk Kiwanis Club
to help Habitat for Humanity

Tuesday, February 25
Want to laugh out
loud right now?

Monday, February 24
Great weekend and
now for some snow?

Friday, February 21
A new pup in the neighborhood
Sugar born last night at 2am

Thursday, February 20
Don't throw that old bike away

Wednesday, February 19
13 signs you grew
up in Banner Elk

Tuesday, February 18
The 50s are here
and Elvis is alive?

Monday, February 17
50ish for next few days?

Friday, February 14
Who has Rainbow
Roses in Banner Elk?

Thursday, February 13
You did it Banner Elk!
You did it!

Wednesday, February 12
One touch of nature makes
the whole world kin.

Tuesday, February 11

Monday, February 10
Could Wednesday
be the BIG snow?

Friday, February 7
Banner Elk Fire & Rescue
will install up to six smoke alarms
in your home at no charge

Thursday, February 6
Silver and Shiny on Sugar.
Click here to see

Wednesday, February 5
Big snow rumor is bogus

Tuesday, February 4
Banner Elk Duck Dynasty?

Monday, February 3
See the diva sing our anthem
as never before

Friday, January 31
Super Bowl weather in Banner Elk
& NYC? Same?

Thursday, January 30
Free from ice scraper tomorrow?

Wednesday, January 29
What does "si gogglin"
mean in App talk?

Tuesday, January 28
Plop, plop Oh what
a relief it is!

Monday, January 27
When did you first
drive by yourself?

Friday, January 24
Test: How many
days 'til SPRING?

Thursday, January 23
What you talkin'? Minus 4 tonight?

Wednesday, January 22
Exclusive photos
-Kirby & Thunder
in the snow!

Tuesday, January 21
Wind chill minus what tonight?

Monday, January 20
Record today on the slopes?

Friday, January 17
Curly and Buster pass on

Thursday, January 16
It will save lives in Banner Elk

Wednesday, January 15
A "Table Top Snow" today
in Banner Elk?

Tuesday, January 14
What kind of "SnowShow"
is this gonna' be?

Monday, January 13
Is this a great day
in Banner Elk or what?

Friday, January 10
Snow for Winterfest weekend?

Thursday, January 9
60-degree hike by Friday?

Wednesday, January 8
Who's on the slopes
at 84 & 16-months?

Tuesday, January 7
All is well in the
One Stoplight Town

Monday, January 6
Cold? Rub some
Cayenne Pepper on?

Friday, January 3

Thursday, January 2
Cold of the decades coming

Tuesday, December 31
First Annual Best of
Banner Elk Awards

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